He snuck up the stairs, wanting to surprise her with her favorite coffee and cheesecake. She’d been busting her ass studying for her dissertation, reading everything she could find on advanced literary theory.

With half the steps behind him, he slowed his pace, the distinct sound of her wand reaching his ears. He smiled, imagining her spread on the bed, body bent beneath the vibrator’s pressure. He moved much slower this time, climbing in silence, not wanting to disturb her moment of sexual pleasure.

Sneaking up another step, he glimpsed the top of the bed, her dark hair spread wild. Another step and he sat down the treats. He could see her, eyes closed, one hand controlling the wand while

Fingers fluttered across her nipples.

As he watched, she pressed the vibrating head hard against her pussy and arched off the bed. The sight of her self pleasure was doing things to his mind and body and his own hands started to drift.

He saw her pull back, gasping when the vibrations left her body, craving them, but denying her body’s release. He smiled and loosen his belt. He liked that she was practicing orgasm delay and learning control.

When she moved the wand back to her clit, his fingers wrapped around the thickness of his cock. He listened to her quickening breath and his hand matched her pace.

He watch when she became rough on her nipples, twisting and tugging as she rode the wand. Her mouth was open, her bottom lip glistening and plump as she pulled hard, stretching her nipple. He could imagined those lips on his cock and her fingers on his nipples, playing and punishing his like she was her own. A moan slipped through his lips, but she didn’t notice, so caught up in her own pleasure.

His grip tightened.

Her pressure increased and her body moved underneath the vibrations, hips rising and falling while she pushed harder with the wand. She was whimpering and he knew her orgasm was close. His hand moved faster on his cock, slipping up and over the swollen tip.

Her head thrashed side to side and when she lifted off the bed in an explosion, he almost came with her. He could hear her wetness splashing against the wand when she couldn’t hold back and let the orgasm crash through her.

Once her spasms stilled, she switched off the wand and stretched across the bed, relishing in her post-orgasmic glow. Books fell off the edge, and she rolled over to grab them. Stopping mid-reach, she saw him standing there, jeans open, cock out and hard.

She flushed. Then swallowed.

“Sir,” she stammered, “I was… just…”

“Shut up,” he growled, stalking towards her, taking off his belt and wrapping it in his hand. His eyes were hard when he asked, “Are you supposed to be touching yourself?”

She scrambled, trying to reach the end of the bed, putting as much space between them as possible. “No, Sir, but–”

The belt’s crack interrupted her, and she jumped, causing more books to fall from the bed. “No. Buts.” He motioned for her to continue and began unbuttoning his shirt.

She watched, saying, “I couldn’t help it, Sir. I was so stressed, this stupid exam has me a wreck. I thought it would help. Allow me to focus on the literature.” She looked up at him, her eyes pleading and filling with tears.

He stood at the end of the bed, naked down to his boxers.

“Come here, girl.”

Her head hung and she crawled to him, sitting back on her heels when she reached him. She kept her eyes down and he smiled, bursting with pride.


“Yes, Sir?”

His hand gripped the hair at the base of her neck and twisted. “Girl,” this time his voice was husky, “You are so fucking hot. And such a good girl.” His thumb brushed across her cheek, catching a tear that fell.

She smiled up at him. “Sir,” she started, but he hushed her.

“Shh. It’s time you got that relaxation you were talking about. Let’s see how my cock and a good,” he tugged her hair, “hard,” he pulled her up towards him, “fucking makes you feel.”

Before she could answer, his lips crashed into hers, and with his weight on top of her, they fell to the bed, books and dissertations long forgotten.

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