He’d been edging me for days, but it felt like weeks, my body tight with unreleased sexual tension.

To make matters worse, he continued to call me every evening and whisper soft, passionate words, breathing heavy into the phone, sending chills across my skin.

Each morning the texts would start, detailing the things he wants to do to me, reminding me of the dirty things we’d done in the past.

I’ve had to change my panties three times a day for the last three days, and I can’t wear jeans because I find myself moving against them in a way that feels way too good.

He was supposed to be in town tonight. That was the idea when the edging started, the light at the end of my tunnel. Tonight he would be here. He’d take me out of my misery and make the suffering of the last days so very well worth it.

But plans change.

Snow storms and cancelled flights leave me alone in my bed, aching and throbbing and wanting nothing more than to touch myself, but knowing even the brush of my hand will throw me over the edge.

So here I am, naked on cool sheets, withering and nearly in tears, not knowing what to do, but unable to focus on anything other than my aching clit and wet lips.

My phone rings and I groan when I see his picture. I dread answering it, but must and so I prepare for more torture at his words.

“Hi Sir.”

“Baby, I’m so sorry tonight fell through. As soon as the storm breaks, I’m on the first flight to you.”

“I know.” I pause. “I just wish you were here. I’m so… tense.”

I can hear the smile on his face, “You’ve been such a good girl this week, abstaining for me. Let’s end it. Being away from you is enough, you don’t have to wait for me any longer. You can cum, just make sure you tell me about it later. That way I can think of you when I stroke my cock.”

Tears spring from my eyes, knowing release is on its way. “Thank you, Sir. Thank you so much.”

“I’ve gotta go, babe. Enjoy.”

I sit the phone down beside me and take a deep breath, nearly afraid to touch myself now that I can.

I close my eyes and my thoughts drift to the last time we were together as my fingers drift down my stomach.

We’d been out, then had dinner, saw a movie. As we walked into my apartment, his lips found my ear and he practically growled, “Down to your panties and nothing else.” He walked into the kitchen and started mixing drinks.

When he returned, I was naked except for sheer, white panties. I kept my eyes down, but felt his presence as he moved closer. 

He wrapped a silk scarf around my eyes while I craved to feel his skin against mine.

My fingers graze over my pussy as my body responds to the memories, and my hips arch into them, wanting more.

My other hand moves to my breasts, fingernails scrapping against my hard nipple, and I bite my bottom lip to keep myself quiet.

He was walking around me, but I wasn’t certain where he was, just that he was close. As he paced, I swear I could feel his breath on me, at the back of my neck, my collar bone, my hip bone, on my breast, and it was making my body want to move towards him, wherever he was.

My fingers slowly swirl over my clit

The most gentlest of touches and I feel my orgasm start to build.

He stopped, but I couldn’t tell where he was. I felt him step closer and his chest pressed against my back. His teeth grazed the skin of my neck and my head fell back against him as my body rocked. 

Without a word, his fingers fished their way into the sides of my panties, and with no warning, rubbed down across my clit, and pushed their way into my pussy.

I plunge two fingers deep between my lips, and instantly my body starts to peak. My muscles spasm and I buck against the palm of my hand, grinding my clit against it as the orgasm builds.

My other hand is rough on my nipples, pulling and twisting until the noises coming from my mouth are filled with both pleasure and pain.

His thick fingers abused my cunt, and he used them as leverage to hold my body against him as he finger fucked me until I couldn’t stand, until my panties were dripping wet, until I was nothing but a sobbing mess in his arms. 

My orgasm hits hard, and I imagine it’s his hands on me.

I can almost smell him there with me as my muscles start to squeeze and I fall, swimming in bliss as my hands still move, thrusting against my g-spot, keeping me cumming as the waves subside.

As my orgasm quiets and my fingers slow, my body relaxes, for the first time in days. My clit is still swollen, still so sensitive that when I touch it, my body jolts. My hands move, slow and soft, as I drift off to sleep, wishing I wasn’t alone, but so glad to be satiated.

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