With day jobs and three kids at home, sometimes it’s easy to forget the little things in your relationship. It’s easy to go about your day, moving from one thing to another, homework, dinner, the evening news, and never stop to catch your breath.

At different times in relationships, intimacy takes a backseat. And one of the first things to go is kissing. And it’s a shame, because I love to kiss.

Kissing, especially passionate kissing, is one of the ultimate expressions of love and desire. To hold someone in your arms, pull them close and press your lips against there’s, to lose yourself in the embrace is not only fun and arousing, but it’s good for you as well.

Don’t believe me. Check this out.

5 Benefits of Kissing You Didn’t Know

So you already know kissing feels goods and makes you feel closer to the person you’re locking lips with, but the benefits of kissing reach well beyond your relationship.

  • Cleaner Teeth. When you kiss, your mouth naturally produces more saliva. This extra saliva mixes with your partner’s and loosens plaque and washes bacteria off your teeth. Who knew swapping spit could give you healthier teeth?
  • Slimmer Profile. When you make out, you engage all the muscles in your lower jaw, contracting and releasing them again and again. Although it may not feel like exercise, kissing does strengthen these muscles, which could keep the jaw like slim and contoured.
  • Calorie Burn. While kissing isn’t a cardio workout, it does nearly double your normal, at rest calorie burn., ranging from two to six calories a minute. While that might not sound like much, the more you kiss, the quicker it adds up.
  • Stress Relief. Kissing is known to reduce stress and the negative pressures of the day. In other words, it lets you blow off steam. That’s because kissing increases the levels of oxytocin in your brain, which is kind of like your body’s own Xanax.
  • Overall happiness. When you kiss, it increases overall euphoria and calms your mind. The physiological changes that occur with kissing are similar to those achieved during mediation and can improve your overall wellness and feelings of happiness.

So it’s time to start kissing more. Why the hell not? But what if you haven’t been kissing? What if you don’t know how to bring it back? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Kissing

  • Kiss for at least 30 seconds a day. If you haven’t actually really kissed in awhile, be prepared; this may lead to a quick romp on the couch.
  • Give small kisses when the opportunity arises. Kiss good morning, kiss goodnight. Kiss before you leave for work in the morning and when you get home.
  • Hold hands. Although it’s not kissing, it increases your touching and makes you feel closer. With that in mind, I’m guessing it will increase your kisses as well.
  • Make out. And not just for 2 minutes before you sex, but really make out. Like you did in high school. Give yourself 15 minutes to not move forward to “2nd base” and remember how much fun kissing can be.
  • Kiss when you’re having sex. It doesn’t have to be the whole time, or even every time, but when you’re having sex, take a moment for a quick lip lock. It makes it that much more special.

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