A True Erotic Story: Hiking

It was a few years ago and I wanted to show my Hubby the waterfall in the woods behind my father's house. So we hiked back, and I showed Him this small piece of majestic landscape.  Moving back toward the top of the falls, we find ourselves talking of sex. 

Fisting: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you thought about being fisted, but didn't know how to begin? Well, it's about time I help you get from thinking about it to being filled with it. Fisting is done with patience, care and perseverance. Because it's going to hurt like a mother fucker before it feels like heaven. As

An Erotica Story: The Struggle


It's dark. My senses heightened. I pull at my wrists, but it's no use, the ropes are secure. They don't budge. Still, I fight, thrashing against the bed. But for only a moment, as he was waiting for this, and he reaches out, smoothing my hair back from my face, damp with

Married Vs. Single Life: The Differences

I find it interesting that I am sitting here , writing about being married vs. single. I've never been single. Sure, I've had a few weeks here, a few weeks there, but overall, never been single. I was always the girl who found herself in a relationship, even when I was

Prostate Play: Your Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to prostate play and your man's pleasure center. Before we get started, I need to let you know a few things. If you are reading about prostate play, I'm going to assume a few things about you.  That you're relatively sexually experienced.  That you enjoy sex,  are comfortable

A Threesome Story


An erotic threesome story, showing what sex can be like when you share the things you love.