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Married Vs. Single Life: The Differences

I find it interesting that I am sitting here , writing about being married vs. single. I've never been single. Sure, I've had a few weeks here, a few weeks there, but overall, never been single. I was always the girl who found herself in a relationship, even when I was

5 Benefits of Kissing You Didn’t Know

benefits of kissing

With day jobs and three kids at home, sometimes it's easy to forget the little things in your relationship. It's easy to go about your day, moving from one thing to another, homework, dinner, the evening news, and never stop to catch your breath. At different times in relationships, intimacy takes

Quit Using Sex as a Weapon

sex as weapon

If you do this stop. Seriously it's not nice and using sex as a weapon can screw with your relationship. In my humble opinion, I don't believe that you should ever use sex as a weapon or for leverage (unless you are in a D/s relationship and it's wrapped up into

Quit Faking It

faking orgasms

It's time to stop, ladies. Faking orgasms is a habit you should have quit long ago. Or, better yet, never picked up in the first place. It's not helping you, it's not helping him, it's not helping anyone. I'm sure lots of you can give me multiple reasons of why faking

Trust: The One Thing a Woman Needs to Let Go


It's not kink. It's not a man with an Alpha gene. It's trust. Pure and simple. A dear friend of mine is struggling in her marriage. Recently separated, but still together, it's almost painful to watch what they're doing to each other. Just the other day, we were talking and discussing how she needs

14 Reasons Sex with Women in Their 30s Rocks

Lets face it, sex rocks. I imagine you feel the same too, or you probably wouldn't be here reading this. But lately I've been thinking, us girls in our thirties, we're a bunch of fun. We're finally over our adolescent expectation of fairy tales and knights in shining armor. We fully understand

What Is Relationship Priority?

relationship priority

Relationship priority. It's a concept that many of us may never have heard of, but it's been on my mind for awhile now. It's something I'd never heard of until a few years back, when I went out on my first date with a woman. After my date and the aftermath