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A True Erotic Story: Hiking

It was a few years ago and I wanted to show my Hubby the waterfall in the woods behind my father's house. So we hiked back, and I showed Him this small piece of majestic landscape.  Moving back toward the top of the falls, we find ourselves talking of sex. 

5 Minute Erotica: He Thought I Was Asleep

He must have thought I was asleep. The room had been quiet for nearly an hour, both of us underneath the covers on opposite sides of the bed. When I felt his weight shifting, I figured he was finally dosing off and was surprised when I heard the telltale rustle of blankets

5 Minute Erotica: The Bathtub


It had been a long day. Too long of a day. Between the baby's cries and the bitchy women at work, she was exhausted. Once the house was quiet for the night, she poured herself a glass of wine and headed into the bathroom, the water for her bath already filling

5-Minute Erotica: Sweet Dreams


  Now touch yourself. I gulp. I can't do that on the phone. Not with him listening. Caitlyn. His tone holds authority, making me want to obey, but I don't know how. "But, Sir, I-" No buts, toy.  "I'm sorry, Sir." Don't be. Now touch yourself. Like a good girl. His words make my stomach tighten, my pussy clench. My hand

5 Minute Erotica: Edging

He'd been edging me for days, but it felt like weeks, my body tight with unreleased sexual tension. To make matters worse, he continued to call me every evening and whisper soft, passionate words, breathing heavy into the phone, sending chills across my skin. Each morning the texts would start, detailing the

5 Minute Erotica: Daddy… Please


"Harder, girl. Like you mean it," she could hear his smirk, and it made her push harder, beads of sweat breaking out on her forehead and chest. Her clit swollen, the skin pulled taunt against it, pulsing against her fingers. In a pointless effort for control, she counted her breathes, coming in

5-Minute Erotica: Study Time


He snuck up the stairs, wanting to surprise her with her favorite coffee and cheesecake. She'd been busting her ass studying for her dissertation, reading everything she could find on advanced literary theory. With half the steps behind him, he slowed his pace, the distinct sound of her wand reaching his

5-Minute Erotica: Three’s Company

Emily knew she didn't have anything to worry about. Adam and Jason had been friends for years and this was nothing more than their annual fishing trip. But this year she couldn't keep her thoughts from racing. Maybe it had to do with Jason's recent divorce. Or maybe it was the