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Fisting: Your Ultimate Guide

Have you thought about being fisted, but didn't know how to begin? Well, it's about time I help you get from thinking about it to

7 Sex Positions for When You Have a Small Penis

If you've got a small penis, going between the sheets can feel intimidating. What's she going to think? Will she laugh? What if the last

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blow job guide

The Ultimate Blow Job Guide: New and Improved

Perhaps a woman shouldn’t be writing about the perfect blow job. After all, I’ve never had one. And I don’t have a solid grip on

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How a Dirty Little Secret Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

How a dirty little secret can turn you on and get you randy Last week, I interviewed at a private local college for a writing position

Married Vs. Single Life: The Differences

I find it interesting that I am sitting here , writing about being married vs. single. I've never been single. Sure, I've had a few weeks